Curhat Semester 1

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post. Whoohh…that’s PhD mom’s life! *soksibuk*

But trust me, time is running faster when you are in front of your journal draft or even only a conference paper. Thinking what to write, deleting, typing again, resentence, even more you’ve just realized there’s something strange in your result. Haha. Just like my hubby said, sometimes you realize the answer when you write your paper. Many question came out from my mind, questioning about my own idea, the things that I never thought in the beginning of my research.

I also hard to find myself in a better performance after finishing my code. Yeaahh…name it, writing is much longer than you construct your idea into your code. If I remember, I just finished my code in the end of June. That time, I feel so slow to make the code of the idea. Moreover, I am not a day and night researcher, because I have a son, and honestly, I still love to sleep regularly (ups!). But, thanks god that my supervisor encouraged me that I was faster than his expectation. His statement truly deeply literally raised me up, but sometimes on the other side makes me slow down my speed. Hahaha. I dunno. Maybe it coincident with stepping into the paper writing phase and Ramadhan (lemes bo’ puasa pas summer, sambil mikir berat itu sesuatu, selain itu cukup nyita waktu juga jadi Bu RT yang ngatur Ramadhan Dinner, mana ngundang sensei pula, jadi tambah sesuatu lah yaa). Excuse me to point out my excuse, hihihi.. Actually, many non-academic event and program I had to conduct and lead. Besides, I still had a course as well.

Well..then I take time to evaluate my previous semester. Actually, writing a paper only needs some days intensively and please be tough to reduce your sleep time (hiks). The longest time I need is just to find the chemistry and mood to start writing, especially for introduction and method section (ini paling susah). Other things are to find out your novelty statement, and your research position among other existing methods. In my case, I make the idea splitted into two: for conference, and for journal, and with a concern that the basic idea has been published for conference, mine is the extension. This is my first time doing this kind of splitting, so I was so carefully writing (haduh post ini kalo sampe dibaca sensei malu juga, padahal ga ada apa-apanya itu tulisan-tulisanku yang sangat hati-hati itu). In addition, my proposed idea is an intersection between image processing and remote sensing, so it’s rather difficult to compare with the state of the art method, which one I want to compare my research with.

Everytime I got an idea, I was really excited so that I tried it to my code, from idea to another idea. And everytime I found the result, I showed to my supervisor, and in the end he said (and I knew then he would say): Anyway, why don’t you start to write the paper for journal? Actually, I’ve already started to write, but started with experimental result. That’s what makes me busy experimenting many idea so that I’ve not started it yet as a paper for my supervisor (*nyengir*). Then I took a sprint for writing as I got the deadline from the conference as well as the ‘ultimatum’ from supervisor: Mia-san, would it be possible to finish the journal paper in a week? I would like to finish this research because this is just a practice. Don’t think too much for the detail. He knows me so well, doesn’t he.. I am a very detail person. Thinking too much and too detail before doing something, that makes me late to start. But waaaiiit… just practice? For him, but not for me… (Dikasih ‘ultimatum’ begitu, langsung deh aye sprint nyelesein dalam 4 hari, walau pake drama-drama kehidupan such as Kaka sakit sampe diinfus, lanjut ditinggal suami conference ke eropah hampir seminggu.. selesai juga, serahin ke sensei, terus sensei bilang well written, alhamdulillaaahh… plong banget rasanya.)

Now, welcome the second semester! I’ve learned so much from my first semester. Supervisor also said that I know much more than my first time discussion with him, so be positive that I will understand and be skillful by some months later. Gambatte!

Kaka di lab bunda, ketika kondisi tidak memungkinkan untuk tidak membawanya serta ngelab

Kaka di lab bunda, ketika kondisi tidak memungkinkan untuk tidak membawanya serta ngelab

2015-09-02 15.20.25

Waktu Kaka diopname di kala deadline itu di depan mata


5 thoughts on “Curhat Semester 1

  1. Btw yaaa..dr sekian panjang postingan ini yg mengena itu adalaah.. I still love to sleep regularly.. 😀 wkwkwkk
    Aku jadi kangeeeeen..nemenin kakak bungsu bikin skripsi sambil ngemilin saltcheese yg ada coklatnya..(tuh kan makanan lagi,,wkwk)

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